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Resume Writing Services

Our focus is to differentiate you from the rest and assist in landing the job you want!



Our team is well-versed in writing entry-level, career change, return-to-work and professional resumes as well as cover letters. Additionally, we provide assistance with creating and updating LinkedIn profiles. Most companies use software to sift through thousands of resumes that have specific keywords to narrow down their selection process. We revise your resume so it includes the relevant key words and phrases based on your desired position. As a team of seasoned recruiters, we know what employers are seeking and can provide assistance with layout, relevant information to include or exclude, obtaining a functional or a chronological resume, and so much more. If you need assistance with attire or would like to have a practice interview, our staff can offer support as well. 


If you are new to the workforce or have years of experience, we can assist you in modifying your resume or building one from scratch. After a brief phone conversation, we can tailor  your resume to your specific needs. Our goal is to deliver an impeccable resume that separates you from the rest.


We endeavor to make it a simple process for you to obtain the type of resume you need. Relying on our trustworthy resume editing services allows you to improve your chances of landing an interview!



"Initially, I wasn't getting much of a response from my resume after posting it. However, after using your services, I immediately started getting calls from employers the next morning. Thank you for your services!"

Rachel S.

Houston, TX

"I was new to the workforce and didn't really have an idea of what to put on my resume. After working with Millenial Resume's team I felt better equipped to begin applying for entry level jobs after graduating. They really took the time to understand what I was looking for in a resume. I will definitely refer them to my friends!"

Daniel R.

Los Angeles, CA

"I'm so glad I decided to use a professional to help with my resume. I thought the one I had was fine, but after your team revised it I noticed a huge difference! I already have two interviews set up."

Alicia M.

Houston, TX

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Tel:  832.736.1564 (Call or Text)


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